Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum

Dates: March 26, 2017 - March 30, 2017

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Calling ALL ecosystem services researchers, practitioners, decision makers and knowledge holders. Share your knowledge in natural, built and agricultural ecosystems, in terrestrial, aquatic, coastal and marine environments. 

Just as ecosystems are diverse (e.g. natural, built and agricultural; terrestrial, aquatic, coastal and marine), so are the communities who depend on and manage the ecosystem services derived from them (e.g. government, business and industry, local communities, indigenous peoples, academia, non-government, consulting). This Forum will bring together these communities into one on ecosystem services, to workshop, discuss and present best practice and state-of-the-art methods and experiences relating to healthy ecosystems for resilient communities.

The Forum aims to bring the best ecosystem services research, practice and knowledge from around the world to the Oceania region; and showcase the best ecosystem services research, practice and knowledge occurring in the Oceania region to the rest of the world. Click here to access your Guide to engaging in the Forum.

We encourage you to ‘think outside your square’ whilst viewing our tentative Program to identify where you can benefit from, and add value to, the Forum. The Forum provides a platform for participants to interact across different communities and knowledge systems (e.g. academic, indigenous, traditional). Join colleagues from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, the United States, Canada, Tonga, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, France, India, Vanuatu, Japan, Nepal, …. and more as we discuss, present and brainstorm innovative approaches to using ecosystem services concepts to address sustainability.

From across Oceania we ‘welcome’ you to the first Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum!

Welcome;   Bula; Afio mai;   Uyan Paln ya; …

Aloha;   Bien binidu;   Mauri;   Welkam;  Talofa;  Malo e lelei, …