Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum: Greening the Ocean Economy

Dates: November 20, 2017 - November 21, 2017

Location: Paris, France

The 2017 OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum (GGSD Forum) focuses on ‘Greening the Ocean Economy’. The event is part of the OECD Ocean Economy Week (20-24 November 2017), which also includes a Workshop on “Green Growth of Maritime Industies” by the Working Party on Shipbuilding and a Symposium on Oceans in national income accounts, under the Innovation and Ocean Economy Project.

The 2017 GGSD Forum aims to take stock of the current state and projected trends in the ocean economy and the opportunities it offers, while examining the possible solutions to counter the many adverse pressures our oceans and seas face. The Forum examines best practices and challenges faced by different ocean-based industries in “greening” their activities, and possible ways to improve ocean governance. Issues addressed include 1) the need to scale up policies and measures to conserve and sustainably use marine and ocean resources and ecosystems (including fisheries management, marine protected areas and marine plastic litter), 2) employment, trade and investment implications, and 3) the science and technology innovations to deal with key environmental issues, across developed and developing countries. The policy recommendations resulting from the GGSD Forum will build on other international efforts to conserve and sustainably use our oceans and seas.

Following up on the UN Ocean Conference (New York, June 2017), the 2017 GGSD Forum brings together oceans-related work across the OECD, drawing on the work of the Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP), Fisheries Committee (COFI), Environment Policy Committee (EPOC) and its Working Party on Biodiversity, Water and Ecosystems (WPBWE) and the Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste (WPRPW), Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6), the Tourism Committee, Investment Committee (IC) and its Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct, the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and its Network on Environment and Development Network Co-operation (ENVIRONET). The Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), International Energy Agency (IEA) and International Transport Forum (ITF) will also be engaged.