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February 28, 2017

Ocean Action Agenda: Supporting Regional Economies and Ecosystems

Publisher(s): Joint Ocean Commission Initiative

Funder(s): Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Marisla Foundation


Language: English

This report was developed by the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (Joint Initiative), a bipartisan group of senior leaders from industry, academia, and civil society, as well as former senior government officials, who represent diverse ocean and coastal interests.

In this report, also available online, the Joint Initiative recommends actions the Trump Administration and Congress should implement to effectively manage America's vast ocean, Great Lakes, and coastal resources to ensure a vibrant and healthy future. Development of these actions was informed by a series of Regional Ocean Leadership Roundtables in the U.S. Arctic and East, West, and Gulf Coasts. At these roundtables, the Joint Initiative brought together local, state, tribal, and national leaders representing diverse industry, government, and nonprofit interests to identify creative solutions to critical ocean and coastal issues. Click here to learn more about the outcomes from each roundtable.