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April 30, 2017

Ocean Atlas: Facts and Figures on the Threats to Our Marine Ecosystems 2017

Publisher(s): Heinrich Böll Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein, University of Kiel's Future Ocean Cluster of Excellence

Funder(s): Heinrich Böll Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein


Language: English

This atlas is intended to illustrate the important roleplayed by the ocean and its ecosystems—not onlyfor people living on the coasts but for all of us.What wealth and wellbeing does the ocean provideto us? How should we manage its resources?What is the state of the marine ecosystem's health,and what are the significant threats facing it?How does the climate change caused by humansaffect the ocean and coasts? What is the connectionbetween a more sustainable use of marineresources and changes in our production and consumptionpatterns?