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December 31, 2016

Protecting Our Marine Treasures: Sustainable Finance Options for U.S. Marine Protected Areas

Publisher(s): Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee



Language: English

The report is intended to help guide Marine Protected Areas (MPA) managers on the general approaches they may pursue to obtain external funding. It describes eight elements of success for those seeking funding, and identifes four "funding vehicles" describing how funding can be processed, as well as common sources of external funding, including donations, philanthropy, public-private partnerships, crowdsourcing and revenues from concessions, permits, and visitor fees. The authors noted both opportunities and constraints and have included real world case studies. The document provides findings based on the work done to date and notes the need for ongoing work to fully explore all external funding possibilities. In addition to the guidance the report provides, it also contains three sets ofrecommendations focused at the national level, NOAA and DOI's National MarineProtected Areas Center, and for individual MPA programs throughout the nation.