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March 31, 2018

Social Responsibility in the Global Seafood Industry: Background and Resources. 2018

Publisher: FishWise

Language: English

This white paper aims to serve as a tool to help conservation NGOs and human rights experts join forces to improve human and labor rights in the seafood industry. It also seeks to provide businesses with background on the drivers of human rights and labor abuses (e.g. trafficking and forced labor), as well as resources business can utilize to plan and implement social responsibility protocols within their supply chains. The paper identifies a range of important conventions, pieces of national-level legislation, initiatives, and key players that are working to improve industry practices. It concludes by outlining several steps that seafood businesses can take to reduce the risk of human rights abuses within their supply chains and provides information to connect business with other key players (e.g. social and environmental non-profits, consultants, etc.) currently working to support socially responsibility seafood in the North American market.