Blue Beacon Series: Embracing Collaborative Conservation in Future Sanctuaries

Dates: September 21, 2021 -

Location: Facebook Live

Indigenous knowledge and wisdom strengthens our understanding of the planet and improves decision-making. National and global discussions often fail to consider this knowledge and wisdom. Indigenous and traditional communities need allies and funders who support their efforts to develop their own organized systems that increase their presence while developing the capacity to respond to the needs of Western science.

National marine sanctuaries can be models for co-developing marine protected areas and for collaborative conservation in marine management. As the Biden Administration’s recently released America the Beautiful Report acknowledges, “the most effective and enduring conservation strategies are those that reflect the priorities, needs, and perspectives of the families and communities that know, live, work, and care for the lands and waters.”

We invite you to join the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation as we learn directly from indigenous leaders engaged in collaborative management at existing or proposed national marine sanctuaries