International Ocean Data Conference 2022

Dates: February 14, 2022 - February 16, 2022

Location: Sopot, Poland

The First International Ocean Data Conference will address the following draft list of topics: 1. The Global Ocean Data Ecosystem: status and way forward 2. Data system networking and interoperability technology and methodology: status report 3. Identifying data and information user needs at the national level 4. Joining multi-sectoral data: experiences and required action 5. Best practices in data and information management 6. Global data sharing : changes in data sharing policies 7. The IOC Ocean InfoHub: experiences and next steps 8. The future of global databases: what’s next for WOD, OBIS,… 9. Data products and services: new developments 10. The small island dilemma: collecting, managing, sharing and using data with minimum resources 11. Including indigenous and citizen science data into the global data ecosystem 12. IODE 60th anniversary