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Biodiversity Funders Group

Biodiversity Funders Group is the premier professional association of foundation executives and trustees who make environmental grants.  Our 60 member foundations focus on protection of the quality and diversity of life, domestically and internationally.  We promote peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of knowledge among our foundation community.

Biodiversity Funders Group is an outcomes-oriented, member-led organization devoted to a search for excellence in grantees, a constant scan of issues and solutions that are just emerging, a promotion of additional resources to be devoted to environmental protection, an holistic view that connects habitat protection with climate and energy policy with human health and environmental justice, and mindful collaboration among foundations resulting in more effective grants.

Biodiversity Funders Group is not a grantmaking organization and does not offer assistance to grantseekers. If you are looking for a grant, we wish you the best in your securing support for your work.


  • Promote collaboration and cooperation within the marine conservation community
  • Increase collaboration among foundations devoted to addressing the challenge of global marine conservation
  • Increase the level of investment in the field, especially foundation funding
  • Reach out to other foundation networks as well as new funders
  • Identify key entry points and leverage opportunities to advance strategies to address marine conservation


  • Monitor developments on a wide range of marine conservation issues, including (but not limited to) fisheries management reform, establishment of a worldwide network of marine protected areas, reducing the global environmental impacts of mariculture, and promoting a worldwide consumer seafood movement;
  • Educate funders on a wide range of international marine conservation issues, looking for strategic linkages to US domestic issues;
  • Ensure funder coordination and collaboration on long-term strategies to implement the recommendations of the Pew Oceans Commission and the National Oceans Commission;
  • Investigate strategies to improve the effectiveness of public advocacy for the oceans; and
  • Provide an annual update through a survey on the issues and organizations being supported by Program members.


  • Annual winter meeting to educate funders on a variety of marine conservation issues and to investigate opportunities for collaboration;
  • a series of regularly scheduled webinars and conference calls on marine conservation issues; and
  • Other meetings of the Program (or sub-groups) to address strategic collaboration opportunities in a timely manner.