Affinity Group


W4O communicates the plight of our ocean through the lens of women working to protect it. In turn it aims to inspire, unify and empower more women and girls around the world to come into action for healthy oceans.

The need for gender equality is gaining more and more of the spotlight. W4O aims to tap in to that momentum by creating a movement that promotes, connects, empowers and provides support to projects initiated or run by women seeking to improve the health of our oceans.

W4O is not about excluding men. It is about creating a space for perspectives that are unique to women. It is about recognizing diversity in all its forms as a key driver for change. It is about finding ways to work with one another by restoring the balance of gender and equality.

The vision is to create a community of women across the world that are united in advocating for healthy oceans. From grass roots organizers and community members across all walks of life, to female researchers, policy makers and activists, women and their work will become visible in the global challenge to turn the tide on the crises facing our oceans.