August 26, 2017

Pacific Life Foundation Awards $2 Million for Ocean Conservation

News Source: Philanthropy News Digest

The Pacific Life Foundation has announced grants totaling $2 million to four marine mammal and ocean-focused nonprofit agencies in support of marine conservation, research, and education efforts.

Grants of $500,000 over five years will support the efforts of the Ocean Conservancy to protect marine mammals from the harmful impacts of trash and keep the planet's oceans healthy; international advocacy organization Oceana's use of science-based fishery management measures to reduce the bycatch of marine mammals and other animals in U.S. waters, as well as work to restore small-fish populations at the base of the food web; a Nature Conservancy initiative to reinvent outdated ocean information systems in California into a model of ocean information management that provides continuous signals of ocean health; and World Wildlife Fund efforts to mitigate the devastating impacts of bycatch, with a focus on leveraging Marine Mammal Protection Act import rules designed to promote new technologies such as gillnet lights that help curb bycatch and save marine species.

"For over two decades, the Pacific Life Foundation has advocated for the conservation and research of marine mammals and to improve the health of our oceans," said Pacific Life Foundation president Tennyson Oyler. "The humpback whale is at the heart of the Pacific Life brand, and we feel it’s critical to support these agencies in their work to protect ocean health and marine mammal life."

"Pacific Life Foundation Donates $2 Million to Marine Mammal and Ocean-Focused Nonprofits." Pacific Life Foundation Donates $2 Million to Marine Mammal and Ocean-Focused Nonprofits 08/22/2017.