Ocean Conservation Community

Hosted by Marine Watch International

Johnny Chen

How can ocean conservation become more efficient and effective?

By working together, we can create the large scale impact needed to save the ocean and its inhabitants. We must share our research, strategies, successes, failures, ideas, and everything we can, as quickly as possible to reverse the damage that has been done to the ocean.

Marine Watch International has developed the Ocean Conservation Community platform to enable and empower individuals and organizations working in and funding ocean conservation around the world to readily share information and collaborate.

Why Join Us?

  • Find and network with others using the People directory
  • Post comments, links, files, and polls pertaining to specific issues in Chat
  • Pose questions to the community in Q&A or search for answers in the Knowledge Base
  • Create and join public or private Groups for real-time collaboration
  • Share and vote on successful Ideas and solutions
  • Sign up for Email Digests to stay on top of all the Online Community action

Use the Online community as a place to interact, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected. The community is where both people and organizations can grow and succeed together.

About Marine Watch International

Marine Watch International’s mission is to protect the ocean by promoting the sharing of information and fostering collaboration. They research and network with people and organizations to learn about what is happening in ocean conservation around the world. Their focus has been to help the voices of the local grassroots efforts be a part of the international dialogue.

They have now developed the Ocean Conservation Community: a platform space where cooperative networking is enhanced and accelerated using current technology and available to everyone.

The platform leverages the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing technologies and constituent relationship management systems. This ensures that MWI provides the most up to date options and scalable functionality in the service of ocean stewardship.