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November 3, 2020

Clearing A Path Through The Waste: Transparency In The Plastics Supply Chain

Publishers: Minderoo Foundation, SYSTEMIQ

Authors: Ben Dixon, Dominic Charles, Felix Phillip, Mark Barnaba, Martin Stuchtey, Nakul Saran

Language: English

This paper reveals how global efforts to reduce plastic waste are being thwarted by a lack of transparency that extends the length and breadth of the plastics supply chain.

Every month, over one million tons of plastic enters rivers and oceans worldwide, and billions of dollars are spent by governments in attempting to manage plastic waste. At the same time, much of the industry of plastic producers, users and investors operate under a shroud of mystery.

Global efforts to change industry practices, including producing less plastic from virgin feedstock, collecting more plastic waste, and increasing recycling, are all significantly hampered by a lack of transparency, and well-intentioned efforts are falling short of their expectations and potential.

To address this challenge, Minderoo Foundation and SYSTEMIQ have devised a global approach to transparency, "Clearing a Path Through the Waste: Transparency in the Plastics Supply Chain", to inspire the appropriate action from public and private sector stakeholders, and from civil society groups.