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September 30, 2018

Distant Water Fishing: Overview of Research Efforts and Current Knowledge

Publisher: California Environmental Associates

Language: English

Early in 2018 CEA was commissioned by the Packard Foundation to explore the topic of Distant Water Fishing(DWF) and its impacts on the ocean. The goal of the engagement was two-fold:1) Review leading academic research on DWFOur goal was to understand current research agendas on DWF, and to solicit expert perspectives on thetopic.2) Assess the current state of knowledge on DWFOur goal was to aggregate the known body of knowledge on DWF, specifically attempting to answer thefollowing research questions:* What are the known impacts on the health of global fisheries from DWF? What are the knownintersections between DWF and overfishing?* What is known about current trends in the growth, size, distribution, and affiliation of DWFs?* Where have investments and supporting subsidies been most significant?* How are distant water fishing nations investing in fisheries development in the Global South?* What are the links between these investments and fishing access agreements?* What are the known intersections between DWF and IUU fishing?* What are the known intersections between DWF and worker exploitation?The end product is this Synthesis Report aggregating the material CEA has uncovered, based on researchundertaken between January and June of 2018.