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December 31, 2016

Global Ocean Science Report: The Current Status of Ocean Science around the World

Publishers: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Funder: Government of Norway

Authors: Alan Simcock, Ariel H. Troisi, Bob Keeley, Greg Reed, Henrik Oksfeldt Enevoldsen, Hernan E. Garcia, Jan Mees, Kazuo Inaba, Kirsten Isensee, Lars Horn, Linda Pikula, Lisa Raymond, Lorna Inniss, Luis Vald├ęs, Martha Crago, Martin Schaaper, Peter Pissierssens, Seonghwan Pae, Youn-Ho Lee

Language: English

The IOC-UNESCO Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR) aims to provide a status report on ocean science. It identifies and quantifies the elements that drive the productivity and performance of ocean science, including workforce, infrastructure, resources, networks and outputs. The report is intended to facilitate international ocean science cooperation and collaboration. It helps to identify gaps in science organization and capacity and develop options to optimize the use of scientific resources and advance ocean science and technology by sharing expertise and facilities, promoting capacity-building and transferring marine technology. As the first consolidated assessment of global ocean science, the GOSR assists the science-policy interface and supports managers, policy-makers, governments and donors, as well as scientists beyond the ocean community. The GOSR offers decision-makers an unprecedented tool to identify gaps and opportunities to advance international collaboration in ocean science and technology and harness its potential to meet societal needs, address global challenges and drive sustainable development for all.