January 31, 2018

Status Report: Marine ecosystems, fisheries and socio-economic context of Anjouan, Comoros

Authors: Fanny Vessaz, Fatima Ousseni, Louise Gardner, Sarah Freed, Steve Rocliffe, Victoria Jeffers

Language: English

The outstanding marine biodiversity of the Comoros islands is both poorly studied and subject to high local pressures on resources, especially on the island of Anjouan. In partnership with Comorian NGO Dahari, Blue Ventures aims to address the pressures on the marine ecosystems of the Sima peninsula in western Anjouan (Figure 1), whilst meeting the needs of fishery-dependent communities and conserving the marine resources and biodiversity. To achieve this goal, we need to identify and implement community-centred opportunities for enhancing conservation, fisheries management and livelihoods. However, there are little existing data available on the local ecosystems, socio-economic context or fisheries to inform these activities, so it was necessary to carry out broad-scale baseline research.