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July 28, 2019

The Economic Contribution of Spending in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to the Florida Economy

Publishers: National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, TBD Economics, LLC

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The National Marine Sanctuary System, a network of underwater parks encompassing more than 600,000 square miles of marine and Great Lakes waters. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation ("Foundation") work with local industries, government, and communities to sustain healthy ecosystems, habitats, and aquatic nurseries in the 13 sanctuaries and two National Marine Monuments that make up the system. Sanctuaries support an environment, rich in biodiversity, that, in turn, supports local coastal and ocean economies. Visitors spend money on sanctuary-supported activities such as fishing, beach visits, boating, snorkeling, diving, research, and education activities, and other tourism-related expenditures such as travel, food, and lodging.