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December 1, 2021

“The Ocean Is Not a Dumping Ground”

Publisher: IISD

Author: Leila Mead

Language: English

  • Dumping waste not only threatens the ocean we know, but also the 80% of the ocean that has yet to be explored.
  • The 1972 London Convention and its 1996 Protocol banned dumping of specific wastes, such as those containing mercury, cadmium, oil, and radioactive wastes, and applied a precautionary approach to regulating dumping of other wastes
  • Uneven application of and adherence to the ocean dumping regime has resulted in a piecemeal approach to ocean dumping governance. Broader participation in and implementation of these agreements are necessary to improve effectiveness.
  • Advocacy, activism, international pressure, and media campaigns can hold those responsible for dumping in contradiction to international law to account.