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Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch was founded by Google, Skytruth, and Oceana in 2014. Their vision was to launch a transparency platform that would reveal the location and behaviors of commercial fishing fleets everywhere on the oceans through a freely accessible fishing activity map and processed data sets. Their purpose was to protect the world’s fisheries, which are an important source of protein for almost half of the people on the planet and yet, we have allowed them to be decimated by overfishing.

The platform launched in September 2016 and ushered in a new era in fisheries management and market accountability. We provide a uniquely public view of global commercial fishing and specific vessel behaviors and, by making our data freely available for research, we are enabling more rapid advances in our knowledge of how commercial fishing impacts the world’s fisheries. For the first time, governments, fishery management organizations, researchers, and the fishing industry have the information they need to protect critical marine habitats and make the oceans a more sustainable source of food for the world.